New Testament: Acts- Revelation

Hi everyone! I'm starting a new section on my blog for my religion class. We are studying the second "half" of the New Testament. We are starting with Acts and going through Revelation. I am very excited about this because I get to post a blog each week about my experience! I will post the link to each blog below. I hope you guys enjoy!

Week 0 - Introduction
Week 1-Paul's Second Mission
Week 2-Paul's Counsel to Members
Week 3-Being Influential for Good in the Lives of Others
Week 4-Forgiveness
Week 5-The Gospel of Christ is the Power of God unto Salvation
Week 6-Becoming New Creatures in Christ
Week 7-Be Thou an Example of The Believers
Week 8-Jesus Christ is Greater than Angels
Week 9-Works of Righteousness
Week 10-A Peculiar People
Week 11-Abide in the Doctrine of Christ
Week 12-Conclusion

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