Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jesus Christ is Greater than Angels

This week we are going to be looking into Hebrews 1-2 and we are going to be looking more into Jesus Christ.

1. Lets look at “Epistle to the Hebrews” in the Bible Dictionary under Pauline Epistles (pp. 746–47). Read the first paragraph and the “Analysis of Hebrews,” number 1–5, and we are going to make a list of what Jesus Christ is superior to.

  • Sin
  • Boasting
  • Death
  • Comment on this post with some of the ones you found.

2.   Now let's read Hebrews 1 and make a list of three truths Paul taught about the Savior Jesus Christ.
  • An appointed heir of all things
  • Creator of worlds
  • First begotten into the world

3.  And finally lets read Hebrews 2:7–18; 4:13–16; Alma 7:11–15; Doctrine and Covenants 122:8, and describe how these scriptures explain reasons the Son of God came to earth to experience mortality.
  • He needed to suffer in order to make perfect our salvation
  • To deliver us from bondage
  • To succor us
  • So that he can relate to us personally

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