Saturday, December 7, 2013

Abide in the Doctrine of Christ

Christmas is rapidly approaching. I am so excited for the opportunities I get to share with my families.

1.    Read 2 John 1:7 and the institute student manual commentary for 2 John 7, “For Many Deceivers Are Entered into the World” (p. 437). Summarize in one or two paragraphs the false doctrine John warned against, where it came from, and what effect it would have if it were believed.

John was warning us about anti-Christs. That means those people who profess that Christ is not real. They were around in his day as well as ours. We know that Christ has come in the flesh and has sacrificed himself for us and with this knowledge we can be saved at the last days.
2.    Read 2 John 1:8–13. Write one or two sentences explaining what counsel John gave that could help avoid this and other false doctrines generally.
John teaches us that if we follow the counsel of the Gospel of Jesus Christ we will have God with us, and the Spirit will allow us to know what is right.

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