Friday, December 17, 2010

A Christ Centered Christmas

This past little while has definitely been interesting. At the beginning of this transfer President Gardner asked me to train a brand new missionary. I've never done that before so it was kinda difficult to do. He had also asked me to be the District Leader and so I now had two new resposibilities and I had no idea how to do either of them. President asked us to do an activity during our personal studies. The activity was to study from the Topical Guide about Jesus Christ. There are 18 pages and 5o something different topics. It was very interesting to be able to study about the Savior this transfer. I just wanted to share some of my insites from this experience.

The Savior was of course half God, but we also know him to be half Human. Because of who his parents are we can learn so much from his life. Because his mother was Mary, a living, breathing, dying human Christ could do the same. He could still make mistakes in this life. He though being the only one in history to make it through life without making a single mistake. He was the only one who was good enough to suffer for our sins and to make that Atonement possible. He always had the choice to accept the responsiblity he chose before this life. I have also learned that the Savior needed to learn everything the same way we do, line upon line, precept upon precept. It is so amazing to see that. I love Jesus Christ. He is my older brother and best friend. Hopefully we can all focus on our Savior at this time and celebrate his birth into mortality. I love you all as does our Lord.

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