Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Bears...Oh my!

Well, tomorrow is Mother's Day. I wanted to spend a little time talking today about cubs; hence the title. Have you ever seen a momma bear, lion, or tiger protect her cub? It's pretty amazing what she will do to help protect her little ones. They will take on animals way bigger than themselves to do that. I feel the same way about my mother. She would do anything and everything in her power to protect me from danger; whether that be spiritual, mental, physical, emotional. It's all part of that "mother's instinct." I always relate it to how mom always knows when we are doing something we aren't supposed to, even though she may not know exactly what that thing is. I hope and pray that we all give our mothers the care, love and attention that she deserves well as everyday. I love you, Mom!

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